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NACO launches a new program named the BDO STARTSMART Program

Nov 9, 2018

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) have just recently launched a new program named the BDO STARTSMART Program. It was designed with the concept of the time, effort and dedication it takes to build a business, and having someone to assist a business with each step taken can increase a business’s chance of success.

BDO STARTSMART was designed to setup start-ups for success through their positioning, offering a diverse set of services based off the needs to the business. The designing of the package focuses in on a specific aspect of the individual business’s needs.

Bundle services include;


launchME- services involved in starts business and getting it off the ground.


BDO’s LaunchME bundle package offers:

  • Incorporation
  • Company structuring advisory
  • Founders agreements
  • Cloud based payroll and bookkeeping
  • Sales tax
  • Year-end corporate tax
  • Year-end financial statements
  • SRED and other government incentives assistance


fundME- attracting capital to the business through Angel Investing, strategic investors and bank financing.

BDO’s FundME bundle package offers:


  • SRED and other government incentives assistance
  • Capital raise support (financial modelling, valuation support, pitch desk assist)
  • Deal structuring tax advisory
  • Business Plan Review


growME- increasing the overall growth of the business.


BDO’s GrowME bundle package offers:

  • Business health check
  • IT infrastructure health check
  • SRED and other government incentives assistance
  • Tax strategy for growth (US, international, tax structuring)
  • Stock option assist
  • M&A strategy support


saveME- year-end compliance obligations.

BDO’s SaveME bundle package offers:

  • Financial statements and corporate tax returns
  • Stock option rescue
  • SRED claim defense
  • Tax audit rescue
  • Business health check
  • Minute book maintenance


exportME - expanding the business into new markets.


BDO’s ExportME bundle package offers:


  • Expatriate services
  • International tax and corporate structuring
  • US tax and corporate structuring
  • Market research
  • International business strategy review
  • International soft landing assistance (payroll, structuring)
  • GDPR compliance


exitME- exit the business.


BDO’s ExitME bundle package offers:


  • Valuations
  • M&A deal structuring
  • Pre-due diligence
  • Tax structuring
  • Wealth advisory consultation


NACO is offering an exclusive offer to the BDO STARTSMART program to eligible companies. The offer includes complementary services to the business;

·       Three months cloud-based payroll and bookkeeping services.

·       Consultation to discuss the state of operations and growth goals

·       A meeting with their Government Incentives Consulting team to review which government grant program(s) may apply.

·       Direct access to the STARTSMART team that is invested within communities throughout Canada.


In order to be eligible for the BDO STARTSMART program, there are criteria needs to be met by the early-stage companies;

·       Formally angel-backed by a NACO member in a good standing, and

·       Have received a minimum equity financing of $50,000 from a NACO member angel investor, with in the past 24 months.


 For more information on this new and exciting program please go to;           



Spark has brought together an elite group of experienced business people from all areas of business with the skills and the inclination to support a place for innovation and ideas.

Robert Killin
CEO, SmartDesk

A colleague invited me to a meeting and then I attended a couple of more meetings to get an idea of how the meetings ran and what the organization was all about. It peeked my interest and I liked the fact that there was this forum that was willing to help out new and up and coming entrepreneurs from both a financial and an experience aspect.

Clyde Catton
Tax Partner, BDO Canada

Spark Angels uniquely provides companies across the Durham Region with private equity funding or mentoring, to help scale their business. Executive Director, Malcolm MacTaggart, has a special vision ‘to change Durham’s economy from metal bashing to knowledge-based’. The Spark Angel Network is doing a great job at helping to create jobs in the Durham Region, and building Durham’s economy.

MP Mark Holland
City of Ajax

The Spark Angel network gives students the opportunity to experience first-hand the world of Angel Investing. Executive Director, Malcolm MacTaggart is passionate about giving students in the Durham Region the opportunity to gain workplace-based learning, which we value here at Trent University Durham GTA.

Hailey Wright
Manager, Community Relations and Articulation, Trent University Durham GTA

We found the entire process professional, well-organized and efficient and we received not only investment, but valuable business advice from our Angel.

Raymond Luk
Founder and CEO of Inc.

The Spark Angels group has made a difference in our community in many ways. They have brought together a local like-minded business people who care about the community, business, and the growth of the economy. This has, in turn, created friendships. And opportunities for fellow entrepreneurs.

Stephen Barry
Fairall Properties Ltd.

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