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Grants for Non-Profit Organizations-Google Ad Grants

Jun 14, 2018

Grants for Non-Profit Organizations-Google Ad Grants

We are happy to announce that we are receiving Ad Grants from Google for Google AdWords. This means we will be granted up to $10,000 USD per month towards Google Ad Words!  Google Ad Grants  are offered to non-profit organizations or charities. The process of applying for the grants was quick and easy-we highly recommend if you are a non-profit organization or charity to give it a go.  There are some restrictions, check out your eligibility  here .

To become eligible for the program, we first had to register our organization with  TechSoup , where we signed up as in individual- and then registered our organization. A few days later we were approved and received a validation token that we were able to register our organization with Google for their Google NonProfit Program. 

Once our organization was approved, and we received our validation token, we signed up  here  for the Google NonProfit account. Our request was approved within a day, we were then able to create our Ad Word Express Account! Please note- do not enter your billing information, you will be responsible for any charges being made on your account!!

There are some restrictions, such as maintaining a 5% click-through rate (CTR). It is important to learn them to hold on to that free account! Check those out  here .

Have fun ‘Ad Wording-ing’!



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Spark has brought together an elite group of experienced business people from all areas of business with the skills and the inclination to support a place for innovation and ideas.

Robert Killin
CEO, SmartDesk

A colleague invited me to a meeting and then I attended a couple of more meetings to get an idea of how the meetings ran and what the organization was all about. It peeked my interest and I liked the fact that there was this forum that was willing to help out new and up and coming entrepreneurs from both a financial and an experience aspect.

Clyde Catton
Tax Partner, BDO Canada

Spark Angels uniquely provides companies across the Durham Region with private equity funding or mentoring, to help scale their business. Executive Director, Malcolm MacTaggart, has a special vision ‘to change Durham’s economy from metal bashing to knowledge-based’. The Spark Angel Network is doing a great job at helping to create jobs in the Durham Region, and building Durham’s economy.

MP Mark Holland
City of Ajax

The Spark Angel network gives students the opportunity to experience first-hand the world of Angel Investing. Executive Director, Malcolm MacTaggart is passionate about giving students in the Durham Region the opportunity to gain workplace-based learning, which we value here at Trent University Durham GTA.

Hailey Wright
Manager, Community Relations and Articulation, Trent University Durham GTA

We found the entire process professional, well-organized and efficient and we received not only investment, but valuable business advice from our Angel.

Raymond Luk
Founder and CEO of Inc.

The Spark Angels group has made a difference in our community in many ways. They have brought together a local like-minded business people who care about the community, business, and the growth of the economy. This has, in turn, created friendships. And opportunities for fellow entrepreneurs.

Stephen Barry
Fairall Properties Ltd.

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