Grants for Non-Profit Organizations-Google Ad Grants

We are happy to announce that we are receiving Ad Grants from Google for Google AdWords. This means we will be granted up to $10,000 USD per month towards Google Ad Words! Google Ad Grants are offered to non-profit organizations or charities. The process of applying for the grants was quick and easy-we highly recommend if you

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New Angel Investee Program Available

Apply for the Angel Investee Program Today RBC and NACO are excited to launch the Angel Investee Program, a business banking package that features access to credit, access to professional advice and services, and access to RBC advisors. Early-stage companies that have secured capital from an Angel investor in good standing with NACO may be

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Spark Angels Appoints Rob Edmonds As General Manager

As an organization, we have grown in both scope and size over the last 5 years and are now in a position to be able to bring on a full-time General Manager, to continue our efforts in playing a constructive role in the transitioning of our local economy from ‘metal-bashing to knowledge-based’.  To continue to

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Tips for Startups – Understanding the Stages of Equity Financing

Digital Article by Michael Reid McMillan LLP Co-authored by Brandon Deans (Temporary Articled Student) In the earliest stages of a new venture, founders will often seek to bootstrap (i.e., self-finance) operations in order to build value through their own sweat equity. Once bootstrapping is no longer enough to sustain their pre-revenue startup, or the need

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A spark in the business community

Article Posted on July 27, 2016 in Oshawa Express Malcolm MacTaggart, a business professor at UOIT, is the executive director of the Spark Angels Network, which invests in small businesses just getting their start. MacTaggart calls the investments “leap of faith money.” By Graeme McNaughton/The Oshawa Express When you get that bright idea and want

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Is Angel investing for me?

Angels making a difference

Randall Howard feels that he has made a difference by helping build Ontario’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and with it, the innovation economy of the future.

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